Enlightening, Encouraging, Empowering YOU

To Become the Person you’ve Always wanted to Be

Does this sound like YOU?

Are you a professional Yo-Yo dieter, on the rollercoaster to yet another diet?
Do you feel like you need more willpower to achieve your health goals, because you are too exhausted at the end of the day to take care of yourself ?
Do you want to Live, Love and Laugh more than you feel like you do today?


There’s nothing sexy about gut health, chronic illnesses, fatigue and obesity and sometimes that means less awareness and support for those fighting the fight each day, doesn’t it? With me, you’ll always have someone in your corner. Through my own personal experiences, passion for helping others and training, I’ll champion you to an optimal life every step of the way.


There’s no sugar coating it: your body is craving a change. It wants to be healthier, with consistent nutrition and sustainable action plan to live life to the fullest each day- and to stop missing the important moments along the way. My deep dive, direct, tell it like it is approach to better health is the catalyst you need for exactly that.


You’ve ignored the signs and tried to get your pain and illnesses “under control” on your own… until now. Don’t worry, it took me years of finding my way, too; but lucky for you I’ve gathered a wealth of resources to supercharge your path to wellness.

What if you could….

Lose weight without going on a “Diet” with all of the restriction, pills and gimmicks?
Perform a behavior without thinking about each step by enabling your unconscious mind to take over, releasing the need for willpower.
Encourage a positive, but realistic attitude toward yourself, appreciating your worth and treating yourself kindly.

Shine Baby Shine the Way Only You Can When You’re At Your BEST!

Testimonials for Health Coaching Outcomes

Caitlyn, Ill

I have never felt this inspired to do more and be more than I am since meeting Lisa.  She has made me feel like a good friend, sharing her experience with weight and wellness challenges her whole life!  I feel like I am the norm, and I look forward to each and every day, where I know that I am making progress and can talk to Lisa when I want about how things are going, but at least one time each week, she is checking in with me to assist me in overcoming any road blocks.  Thank you, Lisa!

Tanya, KS

This program is astonishing!  Lisa has been my guide and accountability partner, helping me to identify all of the things in my life that have negatively affected my health and vitality.  I am enjoying eating more whole food, loving the way I feel when I move at my own pace, and feeling more alive and wanting to connect to friends.

Maggie, TN

My habit changes have had a amazing impact on my whole life!  It is helping me identify, focus and take action on areas of my life that I want to work on, but just didn’t do it.  Thanks to my coach, Lisa, when I would make excuses, she would help me through them, so that I could make progress.

Jennifer, SC

Thank You, Lisa, for giving me the tools to be the best version of myself!  I never expected such a big change in such a short amount of time.

-Jane, Texas

I am so grateful for the Transformational program and my amazing coach, Lisa.  I have been able to make huge progress toward my goals of weight loss, improved relationships and the desire to increase movement in my life.  I have totally changed my routine, which has made my life simpler, more fun and tons more energetic!  -Jane, Texas

Enlightening YOU, Encouraging YOU and Empowering YOU

To Become the Person you’ve Always wanted to Be

My work is devoted to YOU! It’s my passion and purpose to get you from where you are today --->> to where you want to be in your health journey for good. With a stress-free approach, I will guide you through a low-risk, transformational program that is safe for both of us... the Coach and the Client.

You don’t have to be perfect… you just have to START!

Connector | Coach | Champion...

And trust me, been there, done that doesn’t even begin to cover it. After battling weight issues, chronic gut illnesses, fatigue and bleeding ulcers- that resulted in losing 10, YES 10, feet of dead intestines- I finally got on board with the cold, hard truth: I was poisoning my own body with the lifestyle I was living and the food I was “enjoying.”

Something had to change- and lucky for me, I’ve never met a challenge I didn’t take on. Let’s just say listening to my gut has never felt so good.

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